PureShape mousepad for Apple Mouse - Dark Gray

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PureShape™ Mousepad is a top quality mousepad designed especially for the Apple Magic Mouse.

The combination of a refined mousepad and a special mouse add-on - SmartSlider™, makes friction minimal and gives the impression of the mouse floating on the surface of the pad.

Minimal friction means:

  • Perfectly smooth mouse movements
  • Work in silence (no more scratchy noises)
  • Better precision (no more jumping cursor)


The mousepad is made of the highest quality materials: laser-cut steel sheet finished using the sputtering method and beautiful dark-grey foam with anti-slip properties.

The Dark Gray color perfectly matches Apple computers in Space Gray.


The package includes:

  • DARK GRAY premium mousepad
  • SmartSlider x 2 (compatible with the first-, the second- and the third-generation of MagicMouse).


Enhance your productivity with Apple mouse!

See how it works (30 sec. video):