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Kickstarter price: 29$
Regular price: 59$ OUR CAMPAIGN STARTS

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Pure Shape. Pure Surface.
Pure Comfort.

Detailed design and materials make all the difference.

UV resistant Pure white colour
that lasts for a long time.

No more
erratic cursors

Nano ceramic

Clean and simple

Minimalist design
perfectly matches
Mac computers.

Premium materials

No compromises
on quality. We carefully
select the materials used.

Special coating

The tactile coating
is fully compatible
with Magic Mouse.

Laser-cut steel

Steel sheet coated with nano-ceramic
conversion layer. Finished using the sputtering
method. Effect: resistance to abrasion
and UV radiation.

Modern minimalism

Laser-cut steel and bending
technology creates very sleek
and minimal design.

Subtle base

Beautiful light-grey foam
with anti-slip properties.

Sustainble base

Optional version, hand-finished
from bamboo plywood.

PureShape specs

Size: 7.5 x 9.5 in / 190 x 245 mm
Thickness: 0,2 in / 5 mm
Weight: 7,94 oz / 225g

Gliding Surface
laser-cut steel

Anti-slip Base
Foam or bamboo

Complete the set with

An innovative Apple Magic Mouse add-on

Ultra-slick polymer
with self-lubricating properties

Compatible shape
Works with the first- and the second-generation versions of Magic Mouse.

Easy set-up
Takes seconds. Does not require glue or tape.

How does it work?

Reduce friction.
Gain full control over your work.

PureShape mousepad and SmartSlider add-on are
a dream team for all problems encountered when working
with the Apple Magic Mouse all day.

Total cursor

Jumping cursor, double clicks or disconnection happen when you’re trying to get your work done? SmartSlider doesn’t let your project to be ruined!

No more annoying

Forget about scraping sounds that make you cringe every time you change surface. SmartSlider eliminates unpleasant noise and turns it into undisturbed silence.

Your wrist will
thank you

Do you know this painful feeling in your hand when you use the mouse for too long? SmartSlider reduces friction and keeps your wrist healthy!

With PureShape and SmartSlider
the Apple Magic Mouse will be a natural
extension of your hand.


Here are some reviews from the first beta testers of our mousepad.

Tommy Zee Music producer, hlgrm.com

My work comfort has increased significantly.
You can’t imagine the difference. After the upgrade,
my Magic Mouse works absolutely perfect.

Adrian Potepa Front-end developer

This thing is so quiet that I can finally use
my computer all night long without the fear
of waking my girlfriend up.

Michael Leopolt Entrepreneur

The mousepad looks smart and mouse slides nicely
and smoothly. I recommend it to anyone who
cherishes the flawless precision.

Anna Nowak-Paziewska ARCHITECT, MAF GROUP

It’s the prettiest mousepad I’ve ever seen.
If you know an Apple techie, who owns everything,
this is the best gift you can get them!

The first-ever
complete solution
for the Apple Magic Mouse

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Kickstarter price: 29$
Regular price: 59$ OUR CAMPAIGN STARTS

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