PureShape mousepad / Customers’ Reviews

Actually the mousepad is a real pleasure to use daily. No more scrubbing on the mouses "skates/base" every now and then. And the feeling of glide is consistant. Best surface I've use so far with a Apple Magic Mouse. The mouse skates you provide with the mousepad are really doing their job.

Bastien, France  


If you have an Apple computer or laptop and find the Magic Mouse scratchy or loud on desktop surfaces, this is the best product to fix that. This small product has transformed the feel of my mouse. This is how the mouse should have come out the box.

 Will, United Kingdom


I'm a graphic designer and I have a gorgeous wooden desk on which I work and use the mouse. Day by day i was ruining it and i was not comfortable with classic mousepads because the mouse movement were not precise and smooth. PureShape mousepad is the solution i've chosen between many models. The materials which it is made are great and durable. I recommend it. It worths the money you'll pay for it. I've used PureShape mousepad (white version) for a while and i'm very satisfied.  In 15 seconds i applied the SmartSlider under the mouse and i've started using it with the mousepad. Super simple.

Marco, Italy


Very happy with the overall quality of the product. 
It’s an absolute game changer as I was beginning to get wrist and shoulder pain using the mouse on a previous mousepad. 

Nazia, France


I love this mousepad. Tracking is so much better and more accurate now. But my other Mac got lonely so it was time to get another one. Keep up the great work!

Christopher, USA


I love my mousepad! And thank you so much for sending me a new slider, even though it was my fault I ruined the first one you sent. Great product. Wonderful, responsive customer support. I’m a very happy customer. 

J-za, Philippines


 This thing is so quiet that I can finally use my computer all night long without the fear of waking my girlfriend up.

Adrian, Poland 


My work comfort has increased significantly. After the upgrade, my Magic Mouse works absolutely perfect.

Tommy, USA


The mousepad looks smart and mouse slides nicely and smoothly. I recommend it to anyone who cherishes the flawless precision. 

Michael, Luxemburg


It’s the prettiest mousepad I’ve ever seen. If you know an Apple techie, who owns everything, this is the best gift you can get them!

Anna, Poland